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Windows-программы Reqrypt - разблокируйте для себя интернет

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    ReQrypt — легкая программа под Windows, а так же и для Linux, позволяющая обходить блокировки. Просто скачайте и запустите ее и заблокированные сайты станут доступны.

    tunnels. This hides web browser requests from any ISP-level censorship system.

    Unlike proxy servers, VPN, Tor, etc., ReQrypt simply reroutes web browser requests without changing your IP address. Web pages are sent directly to your computer from the web server, and not through an encrypted tunnel. This means lower latencies and higher bandwidth compared to other technologies.

    TUNNELS" tab to ensure that at least one tunnel is open.
    • Check the "OPTIONS" tab to tune ReQrypt to suit your needs.
    See below for more information about the TUNNELS and OPTIONS tabs.


    DNS Cache Poisoning. To use this option, you must first configure your operating system to use an externalDNS server such as Google public DNS or OpenDNS. Do NOT use the DNS provided by your ISP. Once correctly configured:

    • Enabled: Enables DNS request tunneling
    • Disabled: Disables DNS request tunneling

    Network Address Translation (NAT) to allow multiple computers to share a single broadband connection. Because ReQrypt tunnels TCP packets, a NAT traversal method is required. The options are:

    • Never: Never use NAT traversal.
    • Automatic: Use NAT traversal only if a NAT is detected. NAT detection works by checking whether your computer's IP address is private or public. A private address is assumed to indicate a NAT.
    • Always: Always use NAT traversal.

    crypt and pad. Multiple encodings can be chained together using the +token. For such tunnels encodings are applied sequentially from the left-to-right.Examples:

    The last example tunnel first applies the pad encoding followed by crypt.

    NOTE: Only tunnels that use the crypt encoding are encrypted. See below for more information.

    What is the crypt encoding?
    The crypt encoding encrypts all tunneled packets. The options for the crypt encoding are:

    • cert: The tunnel's certificate hash value. This is used to authenticate the server ReQrypt connects to.
    • cipher: The cipher used for encryption. Currently supported ciphers are aes and xxtea (128-bit blocks).
    • handshakepad: Adds randomized padding to crypt handshake packets to make traffic analysis more difficult.
    • sec: The 4 digit security setting. The digits are:
      • Handshake asymmetric key size: 2 = 1024 bits.
      • Key ID size: 5-8 bytes.
      • Initialization Vector (IV) size: 4-8 bytes.
      • Message Authentication Code (MAC) size: 2-8 bytes.
      The minimum security setting is 2542, the maximum is 2888, and the default is 2653.

    NOTE: The handshakepad option only applies to crypt handshake packets. To add padding to non-handshake packets use the pad encoding in addition to crypt.

    What is the pad encoding?
    The pad encoding adds randomized padding to the front of every tunnelled packet. The options are:

    • min: The minimum pad size between 0-255 bytes. The default is 0.
    • max: The maximum pad size between 0-255 bytes. The default is 16.
    • size: Fixed size padding between 0-255 bytes.

    NOTE: The pad encoding has two distinct modes. When min and/or max is specified, the length of the padding for each packet is randomly chosen from this range. When size is specified, the length of the padding is always fixed to the specified size. The size option is incompatible with min/max.

    What are the "OPEN" and "AVAILABLE" tunnels?
    The set of "OPEN" tunnels are those that are currently available for tunneling packets. The set of "AVAILABLE" tunnels include all URLs that are known by the client, but are not necessarily open. You need at least one open tunnel for ReQrypt to work.

    What is "Add/Remove tunnels"?
    This allows you to add new tunnel URLs or to delete existing tunnels. Any added tunnel is immediately opened for use.


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